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Navigating the process of finalizing a divorce is already an emotional roller coaster, filled with ups, downs, and unexpected turns. You don't need to struggle through the legal side of things, as well. Let an attorney simplify the process for you. Eugene F. Cristiano, Attorney at Law provides a range of divorce services serving Los Angeles County, including Covina, Riverside, San Bernadino, and the surrounding areas.

Dissolving your marriage without a divorce attorney on your side is a high-stakes gamble at best. Don't risk it. Call now to set up an initial consultation today and start the process of moving forward.

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An important part of our divorce services involves negotiating fair child and spousal support agreements. Spousal support exists to give the spouse who has less earning capability time to get back on their feet. It sounds good in theory, but many divorced couples run into problems. You may find that...

  • The receiving spouse seems to be using their support as passive income, rather than as a means to improve their financial situation in the long term

  • The paying spouse is trying to shirk their responsibilities after taking advantage of "free" labor during their marriage

  • One spouse is using spousal support to maintain a connection with or control over the other

Don't let anyone take advantage of you while you navigate the process of divorce. You need an attorney by your side who will defend you and your best interests while maintaining respect for both parties' needs. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can help you focus on what truly matters during this difficult time: the well-being of yourself and your family. Retain a dedicated divorce attorney from Covina, California today.